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Key Features:



Dynamic Content

Xotmid sports a dynamic design where you can import content from other sites running Xotmid or other content systems like php nuke
Also you can generate your own news. It also has its own integrated message board that is threaded and self contained.


Menu/Page Creation and Generation

The Xotmid Web System has files that are easily called edited and parsed through xotmid's main page usually index.php by calling it directly. 
For example index.php?page=news&menu=newspost   would call news.dat and newspost.mnu
The administration portion will have ease of use .dat and .mnu creation systems or you can just edit thoes files by hand! It allows you for 100% creative controll of the system

Flexible and Powerful

Along side the above, the system supports gzip compression to make the message boards and output buffer to transmit pages fast to the clients side. It is designed so other applications can use its system and you can hack/modify it its well documented in the code and allows module usage. It also supports a MySQL backend which is fast and flexable.

Theme Based on users Settings

The theme system allows the user to select colors from a color chart to make the different sections and places into his own CSS style sheet for the web site. This is stored in their own Profile for use with any of the sites.

Template Based layout

The admin can set it up to have things displayed in a template format which will also include within the data files ie: .dat and .mnu for ease of configuration


Networked Web System

This shoulda been put first buy I saved the best for last. The Xotmid system sports a system where a users profile can be shared across a TRUSTED NETWORK. A Trusted network consists of atleast one HUB and one Leaf. The hub is a trusted server that holds a master list of websites running Xotmid that it designates as a HUB or a Trusted leaf. These leafs connect to this hub and it can be defined if trust is 2 way. Hubs connect to other hubs in addition to the leafs a hub to hub will allow for leafs to trust other so the hubs trust list is sent to the other hub and is allowed on the other leafs. This allows for unified logins on a per Web system basis ie Logging in as Dimentox/ would lag me in with that profile if that site is in the trust network. It also allows for a HUB to host the Entire global Message board Data and each site can have its own local boards in addition to the Global Boards.